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Why Quantum capsules?
Quantum capsules contain locally roasted, fresh coffee and may be used with Nespresso TM - compatible* coffee machines. Filled with coffee that has been carefully crafted by local roasters in brands you know and love, Quantum capsules give you the best of both worlds - the convenience, speed and consistency of a capsule system coupled with the freshest and best Kiwi coffee on offer.

Truly, deliciously your roast - in a capsule.
Don't be fooled - Kiwi brand does not equal Kiwi roasted!
Don't take our word for it - check out the small-print on capsules at your local supermarket or ask your on-line supplier exactly where their coffee was roasted. More than likely that local brand you are proudly serving your guests is actually roasted off-shore.

Look for the "NZ Roasted" logo (the mark of the NZ Specialty Coffee Association) on any capsules you buy. If the mark is not present, chances are you are not drinking Kiwi-roasted specialty coffee.

All capsules on our on-line store qualify as "NZ Roasted" plus there is a growing band of Kiwi roasters using our service, selling through their own outlets and proudly flying the flag!

Does Quantum roast coffee?
No. Quantum's focus is on providing a quality encapsulation service. We precision grind and pack coffee for others and do not compete with our customers by roasting our own coffee.

We do offer a range of capsules in conjunction with an associated company that we have filled with locally sourced high-quality coffee, ready for you to use in your home or office.

How fresh is "fresh"?

Capsules purchased from our on-line store are filled with coffee that has been carefully selected from local roasters and is guaranteed to have been roasted less than 6 weeks from the day we send the capsules to you. In many instances we will pack after you have placed your order since we deliberately keep our stock to minimum levels - so it's highly likely that you will be drinking capsules filled with coffee roasted only one or two weeks ago - the ultimate in freshness. With a shelf life of 12 months you are sure to experience the very best quality coffee available in a capsule in New Zealand.

We invite you to compare our freshness with any other capsule available in New Zealand - we can't be beaten.

Are Quantum capsules recyclable?

Yes. Capsule lids are made from food-grade aluminium foil and cups are made from BPA-free polypropylene (PP). Recycling of spent capsules is achieved by separating lids and bases from cups, placing coffee grounds in compost or garden waste bin, and placing lids, bases and cups in recycling.

How long will it take to receive my order?
If you are ordering from our on-line store we will dispatch your capsules to you within three working days. We ship by economy courier from Auckland and deliver on week-days only so depending on your location there may be a few more days to wait for your capsules to arrive. But it will be worth it. Nowhere else can you get the freshness and quality of locally roasted coffee in a Nespresso TM - compatible capsule.

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* Quantum capsules are compatible with NespressoTM espresso machines. NespressoTM is a registered trademark of Societe Des Produits Nestle S.A. and is in no way associated with Quantum Specialties Limited.

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