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About Us

Since opening for business in 2014 Quantum has pursued a singular vision - to bring the best local roasts to users of coffee capsule systems.  

When we began all commercially available coffee capsules were imported, suffering the rigors of shipment over long distances and considerable time periods; not to mention supplied by large corporates with no intrinsic connection to New Zealand or our people.  Back then It didn't make sense for Kiwis to be drinking impersonal, imported coffee when mature, sophisticated roasters were right here leading the way.  And it makes even less sense now...

Quantum has invested in the know-how and technology to put your roast - in a capsule. We've done all the hard work so the quality is superb and it's cost-effective for you. We've opened the door for Kiwi roasters, businesses and individuals to access fresh, NZ-roasted capsules in a NespressoTM - compatible format.

We love coffee and we love Kiwi businesses. We'd be delighted to work with you to develop your own take on the capsule or to supply you with a carefully chosen local roast that hits the spot. Every Kiwi deserves your roast - in a capsule.

Our Values

  • Integrity - we do what we say
  • Reliability - we provide secure, consistent service
  • Honesty - our communication is friendly, timely and professional
  • Simplicity - we strive to be the easiest company to deal with

Why "Quantum"?

"Quantum" denotes "a quantity or amount"; as an adjective it means "sudden and significant". Our specialty is to supply a fixed amount of your roast - in a capsule... and we aim to make a sudden and significant impact to Kiwis' experience of capsule coffee as well as your bottom-line.

About our General Manager

Darryn Alexander has enjoyed a varied career, working for some of New Zealand's best companies in the manufacturing and FMCG sectors. As the past Operations Manager of a well-known business-to-business hot beverage service company, he has a fair idea of what's important to you... and if he doesn't, he's willing to listen and learn. Darryn has an honours degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Auckland University and when he's not working in or on the business he's hanging out with his beautiful wife and three awesome kids.
Quantum Specialties Limited is a wholly New Zealand-owned business, located in Auckland, New Zealand.
* Quantum capsules are compatible with NespressoTM espresso machines. NespressoTM is a registered trademark of Societe Des Produits Nestle S.A. and is in no way associated with Quantum Specialties Limited.


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