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What are your minimum and maximum run sizes?    back to top
If you've ever contemplated importing capsules you will know that minimum order quantities are very high and it's risky to get started... not so with Quantum.

For samples we regularly run as little as 250g of coffee beans (around 50 capsules). This quantity is suitable for assessing comparative flavour and strength and for sampling to prospective customers.

For commercial production, we specify a minimum run size of 5.5 to 6 kg (around 1000 capsules). This allows us to optimise our process and provide you with pricing that makes retailing attractive for you.

Our maximum run size is limited only by your demand. Our equipment is reliable, flexible and scalable so we can meet whatever demand is placed upon us.

What are the retail packaging options? back to top

Quantum can provide complete flexibility and virtually no set-up costs to launch your roast - in a capsule with minimal fuss and maximum impact. Finished capsules can be provided to you:

  • loose, in bulk (for you to pack off later)
  • loose, in bulk with Quantum's generic packaging components supplied (for you to pack off later)
  • pre-packed for retail in a range of generic boxes supplied by Quantum
  • pre-packed for retail in packaging you have supplied to us

Generic packaging solutions currently include:

  • The Qube System - 10-up, 20-up and 50-up variants allowing supply into all retail and office supply settings
  • 10 x 2 Retail boxes - 20-up, (2 layers of 10 capsules per layer) in either plain or patterned packaging

In addition, we possess a high-quality ink jet labelling system allowing us to provide printed labels showcasing your brand and blend information.  Labels can be affixed to the generic boxes above or supplied to you for use with each run of capsules for use with your own packaging system.

How much do you charge? back to top

For our standard cups and lid colours there are no set-up fees. Should you wish to custom-brand or colour cups and/or lids, set up fees and minimum order quantities apply.

Depending on your specific requirements there may be some labeling and/or retail pack setup expenses. We will work with you to find the best solution for your situation.

Production pricing depends on your run size and packaging requirements. You supply your beans delivered to us in Auckland and we charge per capsule delivered back to you.

For on-account customers we offer monthly invoicing and a Prompt Payment Discount when paid on time.

Large, infrequent run sizes run counter to our ethos of keeping capsules fresh for your customers. For this reason we offer a Re-Order Discount to encourage you to place regular (monthly or six-weekly) orders.

Pricing and terms and conditions will be established in writing with you prior to commencing production.
Can I get some samples? back to top
We would be delighted to prepare free samples of your roast - in a capsule for you to assess. Typically all that is involved is sending us your freshly roasted beans (perhaps several blends or roast profiles, 250g of each) and we will process and return to you. Mock-ups of packaging and labels can be arranged at the same time. Please contact us if you wish to send us some beans to be processed as samples.
Can you process organic and Fair Trade blends?    back to top
Yes. Our role is to package your roast - in a capsule. If you have product that is certified as organic or Fair Trade our processing does not alter that certification. We can label your capsules as such on the packaging, allowing your customers (and your suppliers!) to experience the benefits of the care you have put into sourcing your ingredients.
Can I sell my capsules under the NZ Specialty Coffee Association mark? back to top
If you are a current member of the NZSCA and roast your coffee here in New Zealand you may mark your product with the "NZ Roasted" logo. This identifies your roast - in a capsule as crafted in New Zealand and sets you apart from imported capsules that simply carry a familiar New Zealand brand name.

Quantum is an allied member of the NZSCA and endorses the work they do to grow and develop the Kiwi Coffee industry.

Are Quantum capsules recyclable?    back to top

Yes. Capsule lids are made from food-grade aluminium foil; our G2 hybrid cups are made from polypropylene (PP) co-injected with a layer of EVOH with a sonic-welded foil base. Recycling of spent capsules is achieved by separating lids and bases from cups, placing coffee grounds in compost or garden waste bin, and placing lids, bases and cups in Council recycling.

In what ways are Quantum capsules more eco-friendly?    back to top
Since our capsule components are recyclable, it only takes a small effort on the part of coffee drinkers to consume them responsibly.

However, that is only the beginning of the story. Because Quantum capsules are made here in New Zealand they offer sustainability advantages over other capsules:
  • Filled capsules are only subject to local freight miles (imported capsules have been transported long distances by sea or air)
  • Produced locally in lower volumes, they are on the shelf for a shorter time providing fresher, higher quality product
  • Fully aluminum capsule systems are difficult to empty by hand for recycling and require considerably more energy to be added to the waste stream to recover commercially reusable material
  • The choice of retail packaging is entirely at the discretion of the local roaster; it can be made light-weight due to reduced handling and because capsules have been recently packed with fresh coffee there is no need to extend shelf life by using oxygen barrier materials
  • The opportunity to develop practical retail packaging exchange systems exists when handled by a local roaster but is logistically unwieldy for larger distributors
Quantum's on-going commitment is to provide our customers with the most practical and sustainable capsule system available - with a holistic approach incorporating not just capsule components but also retail packaging and logistics.
What about biodegradable or compostable capsules? back to top
Quantum capsules are recyclable. A limited range of competing capsule systems claim biodegradability (and/or compostability) but such claims should be considered carefully:
  • Some capsules are made of polymers that are classed as biodegradable ("biopolymers") and may legally be marked as "compostable" according to European Standard EN 13432 (2000). However, the definition of compostable is if a 20μm thick film of the material will break down by 90% within six months under certain composting conditions. Coffee capsules are at least 500μm (0.5mm) thick so although marked as compostable they do not necessarily break down in a practical timeframe as part of domestic compost.
  • Other woodpulp-based materials are used for capsules but are inferior barriers to oxygen. This substantially reduces shelf life of the coffee in the capsule, requiring they be consumed soon after filling or be packed in a non-biodegradable pouch (which negates the whole purpose of having a biodegradable capsule in the first place).
  • Biodegradation is the breaking down of materials into their constituents by microorganisms, generating CO2 and water in the process. Since CO2 is considered to be a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, thought in the scientific community is currently divided as to whether the biodegrading of waste in domestic compost is an overall positive for the environment.
In addition, to our knowledge all capsules claimed as biodegradable and available in New Zealand have not been filled here so suffer from the negative aspects of all other imported capsules as stated previously.

Quantum will continue to monitor developments in eco-friendly technologies and adopt solutions that practically minimise the impact on our environment.
Is my company's IP safe with Quantum?    back to top
Definitely. Quantum takes your business information and practices very seriously and will not divulge anything about you to the public or your competition.
Can I place a link to Quantum's website onto my own website and vice versa?    back to top
If you are a current customer of Quantum we would be delighted to feature on your website. With your permission we would like to return the favour and have your website featured here so that capsule users will be able to access your roast - in a capsule. Note that many web search engines find links between sites and will promote your site up "hit" lists as the community of Quantum capsule customers grows.
* Quantum capsules are compatible with NespressoTM espresso machines. NespressoTM is a registered trademark of Societe Des Produits Nestle S.A. and is in no way associated with Quantum Specialties Limited.

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