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Register below to have your company's logo/brand and a link to your webstore added to The Coffee Capsule Company's On-Line Store Hub

Before you register, please note the following:

  1. By registering you are confirming that you have the authority to request this on behalf of the named company/brand; and that you own the rights to any artwork/logos provided.

  2. By registering you are confirming that all coffee capsules for sale on your linked website are encapsulated by Quantum Specialties and the beans are roasted in New Zealand.

  3. The registration form does not allow you to send attachments.  Please send your company brand/logo as a high res .jpg or .png file directly to 

  4. It may take several days for your link and logo to be added to the Hub - an email will be sent to you once up and running so that you can check it is to your liking.

  5. At this stage, logos/brands will be listed alphabetically on the Hub page and icons will be edited to be substantially the same size as one another (within the bounds of maintaining aspect ratios and resolutions).

  6. If you wish to have your link removed from the Hub at any time, please contact

Registration Offer

Register now to list your company on the On-Line Store Hub and receive a 5% discount credit on encapsulation fees* for all capsules processed in for your next two months of processing.

* Conditions:

  • Credit on encapsulation fee only - excludes retail boxes, custom labels and freight fees

  • You must intend for your listing on the On-Line Store Hub to remain in place for 12 months from the date of registration

Register to have your company/brand listed on the
On-Line Store Hub

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Message sent. If you are a Quantum Specialties customer and have requested for your business/brand to appear on the On-Line Hub we will check your details and get back to you soon. Please remember to send through your logo files directly to Thank you.

On-Line Store Hub brought to you by The Coffee Capsule Company

in association with Quantum Specialties Limited, Auckland, New Zealand


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