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Quantum's Encapsulation Service for Kiwi Roasters

If you roast coffee you should seriously consider Quantum's encapsulation service. Not having a capsule offering in your product range limits your sales and the reach of your brand.

Capsule systems are not a flash in the pan - they are well established all over the world and are here to stay in New Zealand. It makes sense that local roasters should take the initiative and make their own, locally roasted, fresh coffee available in a capsule.

That said, capsules are a specialist product. It takes time and money to source suitable plant, validate compatible capsules, develop grind and filling systems and establish and maintain processes that produce a high-quality cost-effective capsule.

Quantum has done the work for you, removing the risk, capital cost and time. We are ready to partner with you to make your roast - in a capsule a reality. We exist to add value to your business and the New Zealand coffee industry as a whole.

We invite you to discover more about what we offer and would welcome your inquiry today.
* Quantum capsules are compatible with NespressoTM espresso machines. NespressoTM is a registered trademark of Societe Des Produits Nestle S.A. and is in no way associated with Quantum Specialties Limited.

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